Comprehensive Eye Services 綜合眼科檢查

Medical and surgical eye examinations - adult and pediatric(成人與兒童眼科檢查及治療)
Refraction for spectacle prescription (屈光檢查及光學眼鏡驗配服務)
Evaluation and fitting of contact lenses (隱形眼鏡評估及驗配服務)

  Cataract assessment and surgery (白內障評估及手術治療)


Latest eye measurement technology using IOL Master (人工晶體生物測量儀)
Small Incision phacoemulsification cataract surgery (微創超聲乳化白內障手術)
Femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery (飛秒激光白內障手術)
YAG laser after cataract surgery雷射/ 激光清除後囊混濁手術 (二次白內障)

  Cornea and External Eye Disease Services (眼角膜及外眼部疾病之治療)

Treatment for dry eyes including medications, tear duct plugs and surgery (乾眼症處理及淚管手術)
Medical and surgical treatment of styes and chalazia (疣及眼瘡藥物治療或清創手術)
Treatment of eye infections, red eyes, ocular inflammation (眼部發炎感染之治療)
Evaluation and treatment of keratoconus (錐形角膜評估及處理)

  Glaucoma Services(青光眼評估及治療)

Initial evaluation and consultation (青光眼診治)
Medical, laser and surgical treatment of glaucoma (青光眼藥物 / 激光或手術之治療方案)
Computerized visual field testing (視野圖檢測)
Optical Coherence Tomography (光學相干斷層掃描)

  Oculoplastic Services (眼部整形手術)

Evaluation and management of tear duct problems (淚管檢測及相關眼疾之處理)
Graves’ Disease and thyroid-related eye disease (甲亢相關眼疾之處理)
Blepharoplasty (lid lift) surgeries to remove excess skin and fatty tissue around the eyes (眼皮下垂矯正手術)
Treatment of trichiasis/ entropion and ectropion (眼瞼整形術)

  Pediatric Services (兒童眼科檢查)

Comprehensive eye examinations of infants and children (兒童眼科全面檢查)
Myopia control management 近視控制方案 (atropine therapy 阿托品藥水, progressive lenses 漸進式眼鏡, myopic defocus ophthalmic lenses 近視離焦光學鏡片, myopic defocus soft contact lenses 軟性近視離焦隱形眼鏡and orthokeratology lenses 角膜矯形術OK鏡 )
Strabismus evaluation (斜視檢查及評估)
Prism correction for double vision (棱鏡驗配)
Treatment of blocked tear ducts (通淚管治療)
Treatment of amblyopia (弱視眼之處理)

  Retina Services (視網膜檢查)

Evaluation and management of medical and surgical retinal disorders (視網膜眼疾之評估及處理)
Surgical treatment of retinal detachments, holes and tears (視網膜穿孔、撕裂及脫落之手術)
Fluorescein angiography to evaluate blood vessels in the eye (眼底螢光造影檢查)
Optical coherence tomography testing (光學相干斷層掃描)
Evaluation and treatment of macular degeneration (黃斑點退化評估及治療)
Evaluation and treatment of diabetic eye disease (糖尿眼評估及治療)
Avastin/ Lucentis/ Eylea Injections (眼球內注射術 - 抗血管新生治療)
Laser treatment (激光治療)
Evaluation of flashing lights and floating spots (飛蚊症檢查及評估)


Second opinions (醫療諮詢)

  Trauma and emergencies (創傷及急症服務)